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The New Year

The passage of time is such an interesting thing… one moment you’re starting a new year, and the next it has come to an end. 2023 seemed to pass in an instant for me, and I didn’t get to do nearly as much as I intended to. Now with a new year starting I get to look back at the goals I had set for myself, decide which I’ll keep, which I’ll revise, and what new goals I’ll set. One such goal is to read more books this year. I recently canceled one of my streaming subscriptions in an effort to not only save money, but also persuade myself to turn toward the shelf full of books that’s right behind the couch. I just purchased 5 new books for my collection the other day. My intention is to read through at the very least all of them by the end of the year, and as I finish them I may post little reviews on here. Anyway, here’s to a wonderful 2024!